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Ice Cream Cake | Shatter | Indica


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This tasty strain has a nutty vanilla scent, with a subtle fruity flavour. A showstopper mix of Gelato and Wedding Cake, this collaboration carries a powerful high making it an ideal choice for alleviating symptoms of insomnia, agitation from stress and anxiety. Ice Cream Cake is known for lulling the mind into a state of calm, washing away bouts of nervous energy, letting sedation occur rather quickly.

Cannabis Weight: 4g
THC Content: 75%
Shelf Life: 1 Year.
Ingredients: BHO, Terpenes, THC.
Allergen Statement: Manufactured in a facility that also processes: Wheat, Peanuts.
WARNING: The higher the THC content of a product, the more likely you are to experience adverse effects and greater levels of impairment. THC can cause anxiety and impair memory and concentration.
Weight 0.006 kg
Dimensions 11.4 × 7.7 × .64 cm



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